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The House that Dripped Blood is the fifth song on the album Tallahassee. It was performed by Hallelujah the Hills in Tallahassee Turns Ten.


Look beyond the broken bottles
Past the rotting wooden stairs
Root out the wine-dark honeyed center
Not everyone can live like millionaires 

Look through the air-thin walls
Tear up the floorboards strip the paint
Go over every inch of space
With the patience of a saint
Grab your hat get your coat
The cellar door is an open throat

Look past the kitchen cabinets
Go through the chest of drawers
Scrutinize the casements
Rip the varnish off the doors
Dig up the laughing photographs
They're here somewhere or other
Take what you can carry
But let me tell you brother
Still waters go stagnant 
Bodies bloat
And the cellar door is an open throat

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song about love, what you might find it necessary to do to preserve your love. You don't know what. You think, oh, that might involve some sort of personal emotional investment. You don't think about the concrete things you might have to do. Buy vodka. Talk with people who normally wouldn't be in your social circle. Watch a lot of television that you didn't mean to watch and at about eleven every night, say, 'I've been watching this bitch since ten this morning, there ain't nothin' happening.'" -- 2007-03-08 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA

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