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So Desperate is the sixth song on the album Heretic Pride.

Press Kit notesEdit

So Desperate

A love song about people who're involved with each other when they probably shouldn't be.

And about how the heat and shame of the whole situation is like a snake eating its own tail, except the tail grows faster than he can eat it.

Odds that somebody reading this knows exactly what I mean and feels a little uncomfortable reading about it: 2-1.


We were parked in your car 
In our neutral meeting place, the Episcopalian churchyard 
I had things I’d been meaning to say 
but in the dazzling winter sun that late I could feel them melt away

And through the warm radio static
I couldn’t hear my stage directions
And the fog on the windshield 
Obscured our sad reflections

I felt so desperate in your arms

We were parked near some trees
And the moonlight soaked the branches in ever-deepening degrees
Had my hand in your hair
Trying to keep my cool ‘til it became too much to bear

When we cracked the windows open
Well the air was just so sweet
We could hear the cars ten feet away
Out there on the street

I felt so desperate in your arms

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "I feel like introducing this song is for the people who are in denial, right. It's like, you know the story but you can probably just glide by, it's a story that doesn't have anything to do with me, the affair that I'm having really is nowhere near that. You know, we don't park in those particular sorts of places and it's warmer where we are, so the windows are usually down, that's another major difference between my situation and these characters who can't I really relate to in this otherwise perfectly functional song. But it's not really about me and my affair that I've been having for a year or two or four that I'm fairly certain nobody knows about but everybody actually does. All the people that you think you're fooling, you're not fooling. That's kind of the awesome tension, is the delusion of the person who thinks he's fooling everybody and the absolute awareness of all those people in there and their refusal to call that person out, just to keep the tension going. We are a cruel and sadistic race. This is called 'So Desperate'." -- 2012-06-22 - Rio Theater - Vancouver, British Columbia

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