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This song is the sixth track on All Survivors Pack.


lob some spit at the window
watch it run down the pane
it's only the guilty
 who concern themselves
with clearing their names

you bring tidings of hope,
 false tidings
when you come here
there's two friends who did me wrong
 that you're protecting
it's so clear

and when you speak it's those two
 who speak through you
who'll speak for me?
the burning and the electricity

sun goes down San Francisco
friends are hard to find
chew them up just as quick
 as I can find them
try to clear my mind

remember hours at the table
gauze flight light easing through
if there's one thing
 that I'm not going to do tonight
it's die for you

'cause when you speak it's those two
 who speak through you
who'll speak for me
the burning and the electricity

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

John had said that is was his "secret favorite song" (2012-10-13 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY).

Things Referenced in this SongEdit

This song references the movie, The Indestructable Man . Lon Chaney Jr. developed cancer prior to filming and underwent surgery. As a result he had no voice for the movie and could only 'lumber around', forever condemned to remain in the shadow of his father, Lon Chaney.

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