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Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes in 2004

Years Active in The Mountain Goats

1995, 2002-Present


Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Associated Acts

The Mountain Goats, Nothing Painted Blue, Diskothi-Q

Peter Hughes is the current bassist for the Mountain Goats. He played bass for Franklin Bruno's band Nothing Painted Blue as well as leading his own band, Diskothi-Q and solo project, Party of One. He has also released two albums under his own name. While he mostly plays bass for The Mountain Goats, on some occasions he has played acoustic guitar, provided backing vocals, and has written and sang lead vocals on a verse of one Mountain Goats song ("Shelved").


Solo Career[]

  • The One Hundred Thousand Songs Of Peter Peter Hughes (2004)
  • Fangio (2010)
  • Fangio single (2010)

With Diskothi-Q[]

  • The Wandering Jew (1994)
  • Waterworld (1996)
  • Sad Truths (1997)
  • The Football Albums: National Conference (1999)
  • The Football Albums: American Conference (1999)

With The Mountain Goats[]

With Nothing Painted Blue[]

  • Placeholders (1994)
  • The Future of Communication EP (1995)
  • Emotional Discipline (1997)
  • The Monte Carlo Method (1998)
  • Taste the Flavor (2005)