Passaic, 1975 is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats.


Write something down in illegible script
As we're approaching the landing strip
New Gibson SG, inlaid with pearl
Tonight Passaic, tomorrow the world

In a Holiday Inn by a nameless river
Renew the assault on my lungs and my liver
And while I'm waiting for the company man
Slip on my kimono that I got in Japan

Tell the crowd, tell the world
I want everyone to get high
Tell your friends, tell your family
I want everyone to get high

The tech crew in Memphis has a present for me
A screen that scrolls lyrics like the ones they had in TV
Deluxe model, one of only 5000 made
Black out that night in front of ten thousand paid

And in the back lounge in between the stops
Contingency plans in case the new one flops
Sometimes I wake up coughing up blood 
Tonight Indianapolis, tomorrow the flood

Tell the person next to you
I want everyone to get high
Tell my friends, tell my mother
I want everyone to get high

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