Matt Douglas

Years Active in the Mountain Goats



Saxophone, clarinet, flute, second guitar, backing vocals

Associated Acts

The Mountain Goats

Matt Douglas is a current multi-instrumentalist for The Mountain Goats. He first played saxophone, clarinet, and flute for the band on the album Beat the Champ and joined them for the subsequent tours. On tour, he also plays second guitar, piano, and sings backing vocals. Darnielle has confirmed his promotion from touring to full-time member via Twitter.

In addition to his work with the Mountain Goats, Douglas is the vocalist, guitarist, and woodwinds player for The Proclivities; the vocalist, guitarist, and pianist for The Small Ponds; and the clarinetist and saxophonist for The Hot at Nights. He's also served as a multi-instrumentalist on recordings from other various bands and singer-songwriters, including more than one (Erin McKeown, Mount Moriah, Al Riggs) that have toured with the Mountain Goats in the past.

Discography Edit

Solo Career Edit

  • Affirmation (with Discomfort) (2018)

With The Mountain Goats Edit

With The Proclivities Edit

  • Predispositions (2006)
  • Music From the Motion Picture Coney Island (Blackwater Films) (2007)
  • Handguns and Dancing Shoes (2008)

With The Small Ponds Edit

  • Caitlin Cary & Matt Douglas are...The Small Ponds (2010)

With The Hot at Nights Edit

  • Nice Talk (2011)
  • Shibuya Session EP (2011)
  • Try This! (2013)
  • Three Kids (2017)
  • Glaciers (2018)

Other Edit

  • Tumid by The Duggs Trio (2001)
  • Budapest Proclivities by The Matt Douglas Project (2005)
  • The Window by Mosadi Music (2006)
  • Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter by Josh Ritter (2007)
  • Delivered by Mark Erelli (2008)
  • Leave It All Behind by The Foreign Exchange (2008)
  • Hundreds of Lions by Erin McKeown (2009)
  • 3 Songs EP by Erin McKeown (2010)
  • Pine by Laura Cortese and The Poison Oaks (2011)
  • Potential by Caroline Mamoulides (2012)
  • Love Deluxe by The Rosebuds (2012)
  • Christmas Tree Island by The Rosebuds (2012)
  • Dirty Red Pagan by Gilbert Neal (2013)
  • Lovesick Blues by Chris Stamey (2013)
  • Manifestra by Erin McKeown (2013)
  • Memories and Birds by Kenny Roby (2013)
  • Glad EP by Hiss Golden Messenger (2013)
  • Triangle Creative Collaboration Project by Pet Tich Eye (2013)
  • Into the Dark by Laura Cortese (2013)
  • The Beast and Dragon, Adored by Hiss Golden Messenger (2013)
  • Mr. Sunshine EP by Brett Harris (2014)
  • Remedy by Mary Johnson Rockers (2014)
  • Roots Rock N Roll by Six String Drag (2014)
  • Southern Grammar EP by Hiss Golden Messenger (2015)
  • Wolves by American Aquarium (2015)
  • Rhythm and Reason by Bhi Bhiman (2015)
  • A Place to Run by Jean Jolly (2015)
  • Edge of Everything by Birds and Arrows (2015)
  • Calvander by Mount Moriah (2015)
  • Parallelogram by Hiss Golden Messenger (2015)
  • Up In the Air by Brett Harris (2016)
  • How to Dance by Mount Moriah (2016)
  • Blue Rider Songs by Scott Hirsch (2016)
  • 22, A Million by Bon Iver (2016)
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  • Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years of the Story (An Album to Benefit War Child) by Indigo Girls (2017)
  • Echo Mountain Session by Sylvan Esso (2017)
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  • Small Believer by Anna Tivel (2017)
  • Shot From a Cannon by Rachel Kiel (2017)
  • Top of the World by 6 String Drag (2018)
  • Southland by Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys (2018)
  • Hold To The Light by Brooke Annibale (2018)
  • Dante High by Dante High (2018)
  • Virgo Fool by Hiss Golden Messenger (2018)
  • GODKILLER by Al Riggs (2019)