Marsh Witch Visions


October 6, 2017




Merge Records

Marsh Witch Visions is an EP by The Mountain Goats. It was released in 2017 on their Bandcamp page in October 2017 as a "thank you" for fans who had donated to John Darnielle's Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon team in April of that year. It contains four songs about Ozzy Osborne written between Beat the Champ and Goths, as well as one demo from Goths ("Rain in Soho").

The EP does not include the Goths outtake "Get High and Listen to The Cure", despite Darnielle implying that it would be released as a result of the fundraiser. It also does not include "Going Back to California", another Osborne-related track that had been listed as part of Marsh Witch Visions in the past and Darnielle confirming it's from the same session as these songs; however, this is likely because the recorded version of the song had already been uploaded to Darnielle's Tumblr as a result of the previous year's Carolina Abortion Fund bowling results.

Other Ozzy Osborne-related songs not appearing on the EP include "Song for Black Sabbath's Second North American Tour", "Passaic, 1975", and "Trying to Remember the Video with Lita Ford".


  1. "Marsh Witch Vision" -- 1:46
  2. "Shirtless in Hamburg" -- 3:26
  3. "California Jam" -- 3:20
  4. "No More Tears" -- 3:27
  5. "Rain in Soho" (demo) -- 3:55