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Letter from a Motel (also known as Letter from the Alpha Motel or Letter from the Alpha Privative Hotel) is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats.


The beams we used to build our house are breaking at last
The building will not hold together very much longer
My arms are young and they can do the work if called upon to do so
But the house itself has weakened and it's tilting on its axis

In the picture that you sent I could see the windows getting soft
Yeah I could see the heat had gotten straight out of hand
And I knew that none of this was what you'd been meaning to send along
I did not mean to say what I'm saying now 
if we're gonna talk about what intentions were
But the house itself is weak.
Very weak.
Though you and our three daughters believe in what you want to believe
From where I stand stability is everything
In the room I'm standing in stability is everything
And in this world, in this world, stability is everything

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