I've Got the Sex is an unreleased song that was supposed to be released at first for Sweden, and then again for Nothing for Juice.


Crushing strawberries one by one
Watching the juice drip down
Two and a half months ahead of schedule
The leaves on the trees are turning brown
We got ready for winter, as the sun rose up in the sky
There was something almost soothing in the hard-to-define
Note of terror in your eye

Watching the strawberries lose their shapes 
As the wind blew through the elm tree
The wind was far too cold for the middle of April
And you reached out your hand to me
It was good to feel your hand in mine
It was good to know you felt the chill too
I scooped up a palm full of strawberry pulp
And smeared it all over you

The wild strawberries drove me on, as I lapped them up off of your skin
And I could feel your basal body temperature rise as the cold came in
Hey hey

Sweden outtakeEdit

I've Got the Sex was originally supposed to be the first track on the album, but was left off due to John accidentally forgetting its tape when mastering.

Nothing for Juice outtakeEdit

Forum user "fever" found a group of songs on Soulseeker under the title "NFJ outtakes". He was instantly attacked by other members of the forum until John came to his defense and said it was okay to "just talk about it". The list of songs included were:

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • (Indirectly about the entire group of NFJ outtakes) "...the rest I ought to have destroyed, but I didn't know better back then."
  • "This is a song about the point at which it all goes to pieces and you're holding on very very tightly because it's the only thing you have, and it's called 'I've Got the Sex.'" -- 1996-03-20 - The Garage - London, England
  • "This is a song; it's about that moment in which you pass from thinking that maybe it's all right to trust somebody that, that you were pretty sure was gonna do wrong by you but, but you think you've gotten past all that, you pass from the moment of thinking maybe you can trust them to knowing that they'll kill you for sure, and, uh, and get excited about that, feel the love in that." -- 1999-07-23 - CBGB - New York City, NY
  • "This is a song about hanging on to the good thing that you have in the wake of all the bad things that you're about to get. It was supposed to be the first song on Sweden, but I left the tape at home when I went to sequence, so I had to make the second song the first song. It's called 'I've Got the Sex.'" -- 2006-12-02 - Pitzer College - Claremont, CA
  • "It's one of my favorite song titles of mine." -- 2016-12-04 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC

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