Here I Am is a song originally by country music singer Mary Chapin Carpenter, released on her 2007 album The Calling. It has been covered by the Mountain Goats a few times during John Darnielle's solo set at concerts.


I've waited longer for lesser things but
Here I am
Who really knows what tomorrow brings but
Here I am
Just in case you were wondering
Just in case you got lost again
Just in case you run out of friends
Here I am

It's so easy to rip and to tear, so 
Here I am
What you need most vanishes into thin air, so 
Here I am 
Rocks and compasses may stay true
It doesn't really matter what you do
I have never forgotten you
Here I am

Some days our reach is bound to exceed our grasp
I gave up hoping long ago I could fix the past 

Today I called you for the very first time in a 
Million years
You would never know if I told you so of these
Million tears
Life doesn't wave as it's speeding past
Grab on tight and hold on fast
And don't ever forget to fight this good fight
Here I am

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a Mary Chapin Carpenter song. It is! Not only that, but mainly if you're laughing because I'm going to play a Mary Chapin Carpenter song, at the end of it, you'll be going like 'Oh my God, that's like the most emotional song, holy cow...'" -- 2008-11-03 - Republic - New Orleans, LA

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