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Half Dead is the third song on the album Get Lonely.


It was raining outside, so I cleaned house today
Spent half of the morning throwing old things away
Try not to get caught up
Try to think like a machine
Focus in on the task
Try not to think about what it means

Can't get you 
Out of my head
Lost without you
Half dead

Took my spot at the window
Looked at the road
Dots and dashes of traffic
Like a message in code

And whole boxes of memories
Wrapped up at the curb
I sang songs to myself
Didn't have any words

Can't get you
Out of my head
Lost without you
Half dead

Stole out to the back yard late last night
Pine trees frozen in the silvery moonlight
Rising like giants from the cold earth
What are the years we gave each other
Ever gonna be worth?

Can't get you
Out of my head
Lost without you
Half dead

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song about how you may be running through your books... ...and you may find a bookmark in one of them that may be an ID of a person who is no longer in your daily spirit..." -- 2006-09-29 - Club Europa - Brooklyn, NY
  • "This is a song about a morning that you are gonna have. You'll remember me when that morning comes. You'll say, 'Fuck that guy. He told me that shit was coming, and here it is. This really sucks. I hate it, and I hate knowing that he was right.' But I will take a sort of cynical satisfaction in your pain." -- 2006-09-30 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY

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