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Full Force Galesburg


June 10, 1997




Emperor Jones


John Darnielle

Promotional poster for Full Force Galesburg.

Full Force Galesburg is the fourth studio album by the Mountain Goats. It was released in 1997, under the label Emperor Jones.


  1. "New Britain" -- 2:36
  2. "Snow Owl" -- 2:17
  3. "West Country Dream" -- 2:03
  4. "Masher" -- 3:21
  5. "Chinese House Flowers" -- 2:57
  6. "Ontario" -- 2:30
  7. "Down Here" -- 1:35
  8. "Twin Human Highway Flares" -- 2:42
  9. "Weekend in Western Illinois" -- 2:43
  10. "US Mill" -- 2:27
  11. "Song for the Julian Calendar" -- 2:17
  12. "Maize Stalk Drinking Blood" -- 2:26
  13. "Evening in Stalingrad" -- 2:31
  14. "Minnesota" -- 3:57
  15. "Original Air-Blue Gown" -- 2:51
  16. "It's All Here in Brownsville" -- 1:53

Comments by John Darnielle About this Album[]

  • "About five years later I made a record called Tallahassee and people started saying, 'Oh, he used to live in Tallahassee.' No, right. Tallahassee was sort of like, you know -- uh, Ferlinghetti has this phrase, 'A Coney Island of the mind', right. It was like, uh, it was like this place that I imagined, and, 'Oh, it's so far away from me,' looking at the California to Florida map, it's like 'that's as far as you can really go,' if you stretch all the way across and run out of land. That's what that was all about. And Galesburg to me was a spot that I saw for seven minutes looking out of a train window. Uh, well, you know, somebody had some clothes on a line, and a couple of dogs were barking in a yard, and, uh, and, and I thought, you know, I could get off the train here and disappear forever into this town. You know, it's one of those moments, right, it's one of those moments you get where, like, vast infinities and possibilities open up for you for just a second, right. It's not your Maslovian plateau moment, it's something else, right. It's this moment where you realize that there are a lot of selves inside you and one of them is about to be left behind as the train heads on towards Iowa." -- 2014-05-02 - Kresge Recital Hall - Knox College - Galesburg, IL