Chile de Árbol






Ajax Records

Chile de Árbol is a 7" single released by the Mountain Goats in 1993 on Ajax Records. It was released in its entirety on the Protein Source of the Future...Now! compilation.

Liner Notes[edit | edit source]

"For in oure wyl ther stiketh ever a nayl

To have an hoor heed and grene tayl,

As hath a leek; for though oure myght be goon,

Oure wyl desireth folie evere in oon."

-Geoffrey CHAUCER, Reeve's prologue II. 3877-3880

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Side One[edit | edit source]

  1. "Night of the Mules" -- 1:40
  2. "Going to Malibu" -- 2:02
  3. "Billy the Kid's Dream of the Magic Shoes" -- 2:06

Side Two[edit | edit source]

  1. "Fresh Berries for You" -- 3:32
  2. "Alphabetizing" -- 2:01

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