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JackTheRipper5210 JackTheRipper5210 17 December 2015

What My Best Of The Mountain Goats CD would be

  1. The Cow Song
  2. Wrong!
  3. The Hot Garden Stomp
  4. Alpha Rats Nest
  5. Alphabetizing
  6. Going to Scotland
  7. Black Molly
  8. Elijah
  9. Baboon
  10. Itzcuintli-Totzli Days
  11. ==Disc B==
  12. Ethiopians
  13. The Doll Song
  14. Waco
  15. Magpie
  16. Pure Heat
  17. Anti-Music Song
  18. The Anglo-Saxons
  19. Weekend In Western Illinois
  20. Going to Alaska
  21. Solomon Revisited
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Roxy as Music Roxy as Music 15 June 2015


Okay, so the Beat the Champ album tour was was 29 shows. The full band part of the sets featured 37 different songs, 3 of which were pre-Tallahassee.

By comparison, the last major album tour, for Transcendental Youth featured 47 different songs, 6 of which were pre-Tallahassee. (Keep in mind that for this tour there was also a duo section, where JD and Peter would play one song together before the solo set). This tour was 30 shows long, but only 29 sets are known (if anyone from Santa Fe is reading this, we need your help). That seems like a marked difference, but since that tour the band was only a 3 piece instead of a 4-piece, it makes sense that they'd know more songs together.

A better comparison would be the All Eternals Deck tour, whic…

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BoredCyborg BoredCyborg 17 December 2014

The Seneca Twins

Pages for all of The Seneca Twins songs have been created, as well as a page for The Seneca Twins tape and a navbox template. All of the songs have been added into The Seneca Twins songs category, but I am unsure of what category to put the tape in. 1995-11-25 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL, currently redirects to The Seneca Twins tape, but it can be made its own page if it is needed. The Seneca Twins tape only says Nov 95,  but kylebarbour's live show list mentioned the 25th, so I decided to use this date.

A page for The Seneca Twins themselves has to be created, but I'm not currently sure of what information should be on this page.

A currently shrinking list of red links can be found here: Special:Wantedpages A short list of pages which …

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Willneu97 Willneu97 24 November 2012


Getting the bare minimum down for those today. Everything will be sorted into at least one category. Here are the ones we will use:


Studio Album








There might be more added later, but that will do for now


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Willneu97 Willneu97 24 November 2012

Red vs. Blue

First blog post. Those red links are slowly turning blue. Far from finished. Who knows how long it will take, but I'm committed.

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