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Alpha Rats Nest
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Alpha Rats Nest is the 14th and final song on the album Tallahassee. It was performed by AJJ in Tallahassee Turns Ten.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Ah the lengthening hours in the refinery
Belching fire into the sky
We do our best vampire routines
As we suck the dying hours dry
The night is lovely as a rose
If I see sunlight hit you
I am sure that we'll both decompose

Ah the fitful sleep and the fire engines
That I dream of when I dream
Some day we'll both wake up for good
I will try hard not to scream
The evening wind will shake the blinds
You're stirring from your slumber
We've got something hateful on our minds

Oh sing sing sing
For the dying of the day
Sing for the flames that will rip through here
And the smoke that will carry us away
Yeah sing for the damage we've done
And the worse things that we'll do
Open your mouth up and sing for me now
And I will sing for you

Comments by John Darnielle About this Song[edit | edit source]

  • "Most albums that I write, I don't know what the order of the songs is gonna be while I'm writing...usually once you go into the studio to record these studio records, the shape of it starts to suggest itself. But I always knew that this was gonna be the last song on Tallahassee." -- 2007-06-17 - Zoop - Farm Sanctuary - Watkins Glen, NY
  • "This song is about a divorce, uh, it's about a couple of people who have decided, you know, and I suspect that this approach in real life wouldn't really work but that's why it's a song and not a practice. They decided to make a great conflagration of the end of their relationship instead of sort of a little bad feeling that they go away into their own separate corners to share, to do it together, to tear everything down, brick by brick and stone by stone until there's nothing left and then presumably, uh, to perish in the flames with one another. We don't really know. This is the last we see of them; it's called 'Alpha Rats Nest'." -- 2015-09-12 - Maximum Ames Festival - First United Methodist Church - Ames, IA

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