All Hail West Texas


July 23, 2013




Merge Records


John Darnielle

All Hail West Texas was originally a 2002 CD release under the label Emperor Jones. The original copy was not released on vinyl. In 2013, it was reissued under the Merge Records label, and released on vinyl with 7 songs that originally did not make the final cut onto the album.

Track ListEdit

  1. "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton"
  2. "Fall of the Star High School Running Back"
  3. "Color in Your Cheeks"
  4. "Jenny"
  5. "Fault Lines"
  6. "Balance"
  7. "Pink and Blue"
  8. "Riches and Wonders"
  9. "The Mess Inside"
  10. "Jeff Davis County Blues"
  11. "Distant Stations"
  12. "Blues in Dallas"
  13. "Source Decay"
  14. "Absolute Lithops Effect"
  15. "Hardpan Song"
  16. "Answering the Phone"
  17. "Indonesia"
  18. "Midland"
  19. "Jenny" ("alt. take")
  20. "Tape Travel Is Lonely"
  21. "Waco"