Order Song Album
1 "In Memory of Satan" Transcendental Youth
2 "Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is in Another Castle" Black Pear Tree EP
3 "Pale Green Things" The Sunset Tree
4 "Love Love Love" The Sunset Tree
5 "You Were Cool" Unreleased
6 "Game Shows Touch Our Lives" Tallahassee
7 "This Year" (with John and Hank Green and a whole bunch of other people) The Sunset Tree


  • This John Darnielle and Jon Wurster duo show was part of John & Hank Green's "An Evening of Awesome".
  • Video of the Mountain Goats's entire set is viewable here.
  • "This Year" was performed at a different time than the rest of the set, at the end of the entire show, and all of the performers joined the Goats for the finale. (video)